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Privacy policy

First: Introduction

By using Scrash application or its website you grant us the right to save your personal information that is registered and referred to in the privacy policy.

Second: Terminology

User or users: Everyone who registers in Scrash application or its website to offer their products and that is through filling the registration form.

Customer or customers: Everyone who requests or buys the offered products by the users.

Scrash application: Scrash application is a mobile application or the website or any way to benefit from Scrash application services.

Third: Personal information

  • Personal information Scrash application may collect

Scrash application may collect the following data: full name, address, mobile number, e-mail, GPS location, and other personal information as the IP address, MAC address for the device used to browse the application or website.

Scrash application may collect data related to previous orders and all users’ activities within the application or website, including the time of entry, period, and time of exit.

Scrash application may share some or all of that data with a third party.

  • Scrash application usage of personal information

Scrash application uses the data to create accounts on the application and the website to reach the user, as well as imposing service fees on the user based on this information.

  • Cookies

Scrash may store users’ cookies to remember the user through the technical system and to store users’ orders and all of the user’s activity on the application or the website.

A cookie is a small group of information that identifies you as a user of our system. Cookies save your time by retaining your contact information. Cookies do not deliver viruses and can only be read by the server that sent the cookies to you. You have the ability to accept or decline cookies by modifying the settings in your browsing tool. Please note that you may not be able to use all the features of our site if cookies are revoked.

  • Requesting or deleting personal information

Any user may request his personal information that is stored in our database.

Any user may request permanent delete to his personal information that is stored in our database by contacting us through one of the following means of communication:

E-mail: hala@scrash.app                   

Telephone number: +973 17702734

Fourth: Security

  • Scrash application seeks to provide high-class security to protect personal information by saving all personal information on our encrypted servers and can only be reached by Scrash application or the user.
  • Sharing information and disclosure

Scrash application may share some or all of the personal information with a third party or with the judicial authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain in case it was linked with a crime or a lawsuit without any civil or criminal liability on Scrash application.