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إحتراف إدراة صفقات الخردة
محلياً ودولياً

By using or browsing any of the services on Scrash application you agree to the following terms and conditions or any amendment that occur in the future.

  • Customer Agreement

Every customer is obligated to sign the agreement and filling the registration form and pledge to abide by all terms and conditions contained in the agreement to become a member in the application or the website.

It is also the responsibility of the members to make all the necessary arrangements to access the website or Scrash application.

Terms and conditions apply to all technical means to access the services of Scrash application, whether through the website or the mobile application.

  • Description of services

Scrash application offers products in an easy and clear way so that members and users can request those products.

The application’s purpose is to link users’ requesting products with members providing those products and offering members’ products by a modern style that facilitates the users to access the required products in an easy way.

  • Request submission

All users who agreed to the terms and conditions may request any of the offered products, and choose the product type and the time to implement that product, with the commitment of users to pay a non-refundable advance for the requested product. The request is made by the following steps:

  • Choosing the product and adding it to the cart.
  • Filling all of the data required for the selected type of product, as an example (Price of the product in case it’s offered for bidding, address, and name).
  • Confirming the product request, add any notes or special requests for the product.
  • The request is sent to the customer for confirmation.
  • After the customer confirms the request the user is obligated to pay the advance within a period not exceeding six hours, otherwise, the order is canceled.

While filling in the payment information, and after completing the payment process the request is final and cannot be amended.

  • Request canceling

The users can cancel the request in a period not more than one day or before the request is confirmed by the customer providing the product.

In the event the request is canceled before the aforementioned period or before the request is confirmed by the customer that provides the product the user shall be entitled to a refund of the paid amount.

Other than that the user cannot refund any or all of the paid amount from the advance payment in the event the advance payment is paid after the request is confirmed by the customer providing the product.

  • Users

Users acknowledge that all of the information contained in the registration form is legitimate, and the user is liable for any loss that may arise due to or cause that information, whether the information was right or wrong.

Users are liable for any information or data or opinions he shares through Scrash application and is liable for any information or data obtained through the application, and without any liability on Scrash application.

  • Comments

Scrash application offers comments service on any service provided from the customers, in which any user can view his experience by the comments, and the comment publisher is liable for everything by publishing information, opinions, or data in the comment, public order must be respected in the comments, in which they do not include any racism phrases or unethical or against the law in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the legal accountability or any civil or criminal causes falls on the comment publisher, without any liability on Scrash application.

  • Agreement termination and amendment

Scrash application is entitled to terminate the agreement from one end and in any time or amend the agreement without further notice to any party, the customers and the users are liable to follow up on anything that arises on this agreement or other agreements concluded between the application and the concerned parties to amend or terminate.

  • Payment methods

The payment is made through a digital portal using credit cards or other available methods in the application.

In the case of using credit cards, it must be owned by the person that used it or took the approval of the card owner, and there is no liability on Scrash application for the usage of stolen cards or without the approval of the card owner.

  • Intellectual property rights

All information, data, signs, and trademarks presented in Scrash application is owned by Scrash application or Scrash application is authorized to use them, and the customer is liable to ensure that any of the information or signs or trademarks that are used in offering the products are not against the laws enforced in Kingdom of Bahrain and intellectual property rights law.

  • Internal and external links

Scrash application offers share content with non-users service by creating links that lead to Scrash application, external links may be created that are not subject to Scrash application’s control, any link leads to Scrash application or some of its services, Scrash application is not liable for using external links not created using the sharing feature built in the application.

  • Scrash application liability limits

Scrash application is not liable to the legal limit in the Kingdom of Bahrain for any commitment or guarantee from any type whether it was explicit or implicit on the availability of the offered products or not delivered on time or the product is free from errors, and Scrash application is not liable for any loss or damage direct or indirect leads to material or moral loss.

Scrash application is not liable for any damage in case the application stopped or its website for maintenance reasons or force majeure reasons or any other reason.



  • Liability

Scrash application is not liable direct or indirect for any relationship arises between customers and users in case of the products offered from the application, the compensation falls on the users and customers for any rights and obligations arise for the products offered, and Scrash application is not a party in any legal dispute arises between customers and users.


  • Licenses

By using Scrash application you grant Scrash application the license to use those information or data or trademarks for marketing and advertising and correspondence or any other use, the license may not be withdrawn without written consent from Scrash application as these licenses cannot be granted to another party and Scrash application has the full right to use these information and data without approval from the other party.


  • Amending terms and conditions

Scrash application has the full right to amend or terminate or to add on the terms and conditions in the future without any interference from any other party, and that amend or termination or add is applicable from the date of publication on Scrash application or its website and no party has the right to claim that he is not aware of the amend or termination or add that arises on the terms and conditions.


  • Bidding system

Scrash application provides bidding system on the offered products so users can determine the right price if they want to buy the offered product, and the customer the provides the product may choose the right user whether the user was the highest bidder or the lowest or any other, no liability falls on Scrash application in case the bidding does not take place or the customer does not choose any user if that leads to missed gain or loss.


  • Mediation fees

Sellers in Scrash application are obligated to deliver or deposit Scrash application mediation fees 10% percent from the total price after receiving the price within a maximum of 24 hours.